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  • Still struggling with the pen and ink / watercolour illustrations, but here is another one. In fact this looks very much like my youngest son, who just learned to walk. Thank goodness he did, since he weighs A LOT, and it is nice not to have to carry him everywhere. He keeps hurling his shoes off, and then throwing his socks after them. I keep having to watch out in case he does it when he's in his buggy. I picked one shoe out of the vegetable section at Aldi. And I also spied one of his socks down our road, soaked in a puddle. It must have been from a day or so before, as he had both socks and shoes on at the time. 

    On another topic, my Spoonflower test fabric just arrived, so I am going to take some photos of that to upload. Very pleased with how one pattern especially worked out. I was frightened, as when you send to print, the colours looked way too garish, but by the time they go through the printing process, they generally turned out a lot more subtle. 


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