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  • Wow, it's so long since I have blogged here, a whole summer has gone by, and it's just about Autumn. Still, the sun is warm, and yesterday I went in the sea...It's my birthday this weekend, and I just want the heat to stay for a few more days before I dig out my boots and pull my jumpers back on. 

    This summer I only painted 2 more for the animal alphabet, but I did like them! P is for Parrot, and T is for Toucan. I love birds - or at least painting and drawing birds. Maybe I don't love them so much in real life! Went to the farm again last week, and a cockerel pecked a biscuit from my youngest son's hand! He didn't cry, just looked a bit surprised. 

    I've been trying to finish my novel (haven't I been saying that for ten years now?) rather than designing, but the thought of Christmas coming up makes me want to do some more designs for my card range, maybe also some tea towels and cushions, which could be good for presents. Watch this space! 

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