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  • Chewy Bunny 21 October 2014 | Comments (0)

    Still struggling with the pen and ink / watercolour illustrations, but here is another one. In fact this looks very much like my youngest son, who just learned to walk. Thank goodness he did, since he weighs A LOT, and it is nice not to have to carry him everywhere. He keeps hurling his shoes off, and then throwing his socks after them. I keep having to watch out in case he does it when he's in his buggy. I picked one shoe out of the vegetable section at Aldi. And I also spied one of his socks down our road, soaked in a puddle. It must have been from a day or so before, as he had both socks and shoes on at the time. 

    On another topic, my Spoonflower test fabric just arrived, so I am going to take some photos of that to upload. Very pleased with how one pattern especially worked out. I was frightened, as when you send to print, the colours looked way too garish, but by the time they go through the printing process, they generally turned out a lot more subtle. 


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    I have been trying to illustrate a story I have written about a girl whose rabbit gets left on the bus - and then goes on an amazing adventure, only to return back to the same bus by the time the girl gets on again the next morning. 

    I like this illustration - but I'm having terrible trouble doing any others that I like! Piles of paper are covering the table, floor, spilling into the hallway with rejected drawings. 

    It has driven me back to the computer, and I am trying to get better at Adobe Illustrator after  two night courses have not given me the proficiency I required! I think you just need to try it and mess around yourself. However, I've discovered a series of YouTube tutorials that are great http://www.youtube.com/user/TastyTuts/videos

    I like the soft Welsh voice, and the fact you can pause and go back as often as you like. Been looking at the tutorials on the TV, whilst following along on the laptop. There are PDF work pages and files to follow along with, all FREE. 



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    Indian Summer 18 September 2014 | Comments (0)

    Wow, it's so long since I have blogged here, a whole summer has gone by, and it's just about Autumn. Still, the sun is warm, and yesterday I went in the sea...It's my birthday this weekend, and I just want the heat to stay for a few more days before I dig out my boots and pull my jumpers back on. 

    This summer I only painted 2 more for the animal alphabet, but I did like them! P is for Parrot, and T is for Toucan. I love birds - or at least painting and drawing birds. Maybe I don't love them so much in real life! Went to the farm again last week, and a cockerel pecked a biscuit from my youngest son's hand! He didn't cry, just looked a bit surprised. 

    I've been trying to finish my novel (haven't I been saying that for ten years now?) rather than designing, but the thought of Christmas coming up makes me want to do some more designs for my card range, maybe also some tea towels and cushions, which could be good for presents. Watch this space! 

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    Yesterday we went for a family outing at around 3.30pm. Everything seems to close down on a Sunday at four, but I was desperate to get out of the house, and go somewhere other than the seafront, or the three local parks we always go to. We ended up driving to a pub then taking it in turns to sit in the car with Baby B, while M played on the climbing frame etc. We opened the sun roof. M played with the indicators, hazard lights and pretended to drive. Oh what a laugh it was. Actually it was quite nice. A bit of family time, all together, in the car. We didn't even go into the pub. Whilst looking after Baby B, I suddenly had the idea of Aye Aye Robot - inspired of course by I, Robot. I drew a few sketches, and did this design today. 

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