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  • At the start of January, I started a kind of art 'bootcamp'...more on that later, but here's my first assignment - to make a journal cover inspired by Edwardian brooches. It's the first time I've really 'mocked up' anything, and I really enjoyed the process. 



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    As it's January, I thought I'd better start updating my portfolio, and do a few new card designs. Of course, I had to do a dinosaur card - dinosaurs are on my mind a lot more than I ever expected. I certainly know more dinosaur names now than I have in all my life - thanks to my three year old son. Today he screamed all the way to nursery as he had forgotten to bring his normal pocketful of tiny spiky plastic dinosaurs. So mean... I refused to go back home. 

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    Back in November I was asked to take part in an art auction for Chestnut Tree House, and I was only too happy to agree. They sent me a 30x30cm canvas, and I painted the above. I wasn't that happy with it, to be honest, but after buying another canvas and trying again, I ran out of time, so just went with the bird and flowers picture... which I was secretly calling 'Tit and Jug'. I do actually quite like the flowers, so maybe i can use them for some kind of design/pattern in the future. The auction is not until next March. 

    See below for info about Chestnut Tree House, and the amazing work they do. I cried after reading about them... 

    Chestnut Tree House is the only children's hospice in East and West Sussex and cares for 300 children and young adults from 0-19 years of age with progressive life-limiting conditions from Sussex and South East Hampshire.



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    I've just received the print of a new design back from Spectrum Photographic in Hove, and I love it! My guilty secret is a love of Formula 1, and after Lewis Hamilton's victory last week I celebrated by making this print inspired by the commentary at the start of each race. 


    This week marks the beginning of the Christmas Open House season, and I have some prints and cards and new tea towels in the Claremont Hotel in Hove. More about that soon! 


    I got all the giclee prints done at Spectrum as I always do, since it is so handy to order on line, then go and pick up in person - the price is great, and the people are very friendly and helpful. Check them out! 


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